Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Car Seat!

well we finally got Nellie a "big girl" car seat. After much deliberation we settled on the Britax Boulevard. I haven't installed it yet. But I have been letting Nellie play on it a little (she has already fallen off twice). I really hope she likes it once it is in the car. 

This is just a silly face photo, but as you can see she has a rash around her mouth from the hummus I gave her for lunch. 
Nellie is reading the manual, making sure we install it right.
In the box
yay new car seat!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the Pool

Yesterday was pretty hot, so I got out Nellie's new pool for the first time. She had a lot of fun in it. I put bubbles in it because my mom used to do that for me! I can't believe yesterday was almost 90 and today has a high of 65! The weather is acting crazy! 

Look what I  can do!

Nellie's "outie"!
Drinking the water
Making handprints

Cutest little buns!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Animal Noises

Nellie has started to say "what's that?" or "What's this?" (it is hard to tell which she is saying), and I don't know if anyone else would really be able to distinguish what she means. But she'll say it and point to anything and everything that captures her curiosity.  She is really getting to be such a chatterbox! She is still a long way off from walking. My prediction for her first steps: June 18th. It is just an arbitrary date. Well here is a little video of her making animal sounds. I think this is the cutest thing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Turning a bad day around

Well Nellie got home from church today and decided to be in a bad mood. I'm not sure if it was because her nap was cut short or what. But she was a booger trying to eat lunch. After lunch she was just crying and screaming for no apparent reason. So I decided she needed a pick-me-up. I took her outside and let her play with water. I filled up a bowl and platter and her her have at it. Then I turned on the hose to let her play with that.  She loved it! Except when she accidently sprayed herself in the face! 
I have been feeling really convicted lately about not doing more structured activities with her.  I have been reading toddler wise and it suggests doing fun things with them instead of just letting them roam around going from toy to toy to toy. (Which is what I usually let her do). Although there is a time for that, there also needs to be a time for Nellie to learn to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. When I let her do whatever she wants to do for too long she ends up in all kinds of mischief! 
So we ended up having a lot of fun despite her mood. After the water I let her play on the trampoline for awhile, which she loves! And now she is quietly sleeping! yay for wearing her out!

Should we find out the sex of the baby?